In Issue #27

By Jennifer Rubenstein & Colleen Leonardi | Last Updated November 13, 2017
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Cover Photography by Lauren McDuffie

Hoosier Thoughts:

At this time of year I can smell, in my mind, all the pies and cinnamon rolls being prepared from scratch in my grandmother’s kitchen while the snow gently fell upon the fields.

The real hot chocolate, slightly scorched with mini marshmallows melted together and sticking to the rim of the cup, makes me giddy to this day. Grandma Yoder was the heart and soul of cooking to me. She fed us with love and nothing less. In researching the stories for this issue, we found everyone has a story where food is celebrated, many times with no professional training, but purely for the joy of cooking.

While we embrace the snowy season and prepare to greet a new year, we wish with great happiness to introduce you to our new managing editor, Colleen Leonardi. Colleen’s resume includes her continuing role as editor in chief for Edible Columbus in Ohio and as a successful writer. We look forward to rewarding our readers with continued elevated stories, photography and resources, and working together with Edible Columbus and our new team, which will allow us to strive for journalistic excellence and more powerful contributions from our community. We thank our former editors Shauna Nosler and Rachel Russell for all they have contributed to Edible Indy and we wish them the best in their new endeavors.

May you enjoy every page of this issue and then pay it forward. 

Hoosier hugs and happy winter,
Jennifer and Jeff

Letter from the Editor:

First, thank you, Jennifer and Jeff, for your warm welcome to Edible Indy. I’m thrilled to bring my love of Indy, our region and all of the loyal-to-local food communities to the pages of our magazine.

Cooking makes me happy. Quite simply, the pleasure of gathering beautiful ingredients, talking to my mom and dad about their versions of chicken soup and then taking time in my own kitchen to cook for people I love—it’s the most fundamental blessing. And when winter whistles outside with its cold snows and my hearth is abuzz with pots, pans and music, well, I feel loved and my heart grows merry and light.

It’s true.

And it’s true for the folks featured in our winter issue. Reading these stories touches memories in me, reminding me of why cooking is so natural: It reminds us to nourish each other. It’s a cycle of reciprocity that has withstood the test of time—a delicious circle that will never be broken. I admire the folks in this issue for cooking with heart and soul. For you have certainly tasted the difference between a bowl of chicken soup made with heart and soul versus not. And that difference is what makes food nourishing. From chef Christopher Adkins and his mission to eliminate food waste to Tim Shefferly and his passion for cooking for his family, each story in this issue inspires.

I’m a Midwest girl with a lot of heart. I look forward to hearing what’s on your stove this winter, in praise of this growing circle of cooks with heart and soul.

Eat Well, Love Well, Live Well,

Celebrating Food


Pork Chops, Cottage Pie and Cabbage

This chef brings small-town English roots to his Westfield restaurant.

Food Waste Finds a Home

Indianapolis chef’s new business concept offers a sustainable win-win-win.

Smoke, Roots, Mountain, Harvest

This food blogger turned a lifetime of memories into an Appalachian-style cookbook.

Growing Up on a Stainless Steel Countertop

Ross Katz celebrates a year with Rooster’s Kitchen.

Mama's Brisket

Recipe courtesy Rooster’s Kitchen

Current Events: Sous Vide

Circulating waters of sous vide cooking a good fit for ex-Navy man.

Through the Lens: A Family Supper

A photo-essay on the family supper to the power of 12.

Cooks with Heart & Soul

Profiles of five cooks with a heart and a soul for food.

The Chef's Shelf: Tools Rule

Find out what tools these top local chefs have in their homes.

Popping Corn with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Sponsored by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Molly Weasley's Rock Cake Popcorn

This delicious recipe was inspired by one of Harry Potter’s favorite treats: Mrs. Weasley’s Rock Cakes. A traditional tea time treat now in popcorn form, just in time for the cold brisk air...

Say Cheese: A Conversation with Food.

Food photos and a conversation of food.
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